Elmiron-Related Injuries: Maculopathy

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How Can An Eye Doctor Tell If I Have Maculopathy?

During a comprehensive eye exam, an eye doctor (or, ophthalmologist) will perform a diagnostic procedure called a “dilated fundus exam.” First, the eye doctor gives the patient special eye drops that dilate the pupil of the eye. Then, the doctor uses an ophthalmoscope to view or take photographs of the “fundus” of the eye, which is the interior surface opposite the lens.

When a pupil is dilated, it opens wide, and allows an eye doctor to clearly see the back of the eye, where signs of eye disease that may lead to blindness can be identified. During this process, an eye doctor can clearly see the retina and other important parts of the eye. While viewing the retina, the doctor can identify signs of macular degeneration, such as yellow spots beneath the retina called “drusen” or dark clumps of pigment. 

This video by the National Eye Institute, a division of the National Institutes of Health, shows what a doctor sees when the doctor performs a dilated fundus exam:

While it is estimated that more than 10 million Americans have a form of macular degeneration, authors of several peer-reviewed journal articles investigating a link between Elmiron use and macular degeneration have observed through dilated fundus imaging that certain Elmiron users may show a “distinctive clinical phenotype” of “a unique pigmentary maculopathy.” That is to say, those who suffer from Elmiron-related vision loss may have a unique and distinctive injury that can be attributed to Elmiron.

Before making any changes to your medication or treatment, please discuss with your healthcare providers first. 

How Robins Kaplan Law Firm Can Help With Your Elmiron Lawsuit

Our nationally recognized mass tort attorneys assist clients who are seriously injured by dangerous and defective products, and we are available to evaluate your potential claim against the manufacturers of Elmiron.

Robins Kaplan’s medical and pharmaceutical attorneys have the experience to take on big drug companies. Our team of attorneys, registered nurses, paralegals, and case assistants will thoroughly investigate your case by doing the following as needed:

  • Upon commencement of legal representation, one of our attorneys, legal nurses or paralegals will call you and discuss your relevant medical history and prescription drug use.
  • We will order and review your medical and pharmaceutical records, and we will determine if you took a potentially harmful drug, and we will evaluate whether that drug hurt you.
  • Our pharmaceutical lawyers will compare the laws of your state with the timeline of events, including, key dates in your medical timeline and dates of certain acts or omissions by the medicine manufacturer, and we will plan the best litigation strategy for your case.
  • We will investigate whether the drug manufacturer complied with FDA regulations and whether the manufacturer warned you about risks and side effects associated with the drug.

Throughout the entire process, our legal team will keep you informed about your case.

Diagnosed with Maculopathy After Taking Elmiron Pentosan Medication?

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