Vision Loss or Blindness After Non-Eye Surgery

One of the most dreaded injuries a person can experience is permanent vision loss or blindness. This devastating injury is sometimes associated with medical errors (medical malpractice) occurring in the course of the administration of anesthesia or other medical mistakes during non-eye surgery such as spine (back) surgery or other lengthy surgical procedures. To awaken from an otherwise long but successful surgery for something unrelated to vision entirely, and find yourself blind or with vision loss, is a tremendously devastating injury.

Many of these newly blind patients have been told that their loss of sight is due to damage to the optic nerve from a disturbance in the flow of oxygen rich blood to the optic nerve during surgery. Oftentimes their surgeries were many hours long, transfusions were frequently involved and some learn of low blood pressure during surgery.

We understand this issue. We have experience with cases involving blindness or vision loss after surgery. Our lawyers and medical analysts are familiar with the most recent scientific studies on the topic of blindness after surgery and know who to turn to for expert evaluation of your potential claim.

Loss of vision or blindness caused by mistakes in surgery or anesthesia changes everything in your life: ability to work, relationships with family and friends and what you do for fun or leisure. It affects how you live and what you think about yourself and everyone else around you. Being blind or suffering vision loss creates an extreme dependence on others and necessitates uncounted adjustments in everything you do.

Loss of sight is one of the most difficult injuries to adjust to. If you or a loved one has become blind or suffered vision loss after non-eye surgery, perhaps we can help. Please contact us if you believe we could be of service. You will be able to speak to a registered nurse who understands the complex issues of surgery, anesthesia care, and serious injury. To get started, call us at 1.800.552.7115 or fill out the form on the right.