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Police Misconduct Attorneys

Have you been the victim of police misconduct in Minnesota? If so, the attorneys at Robins Kaplan are prepared to help. Our civil rights practice is widely known for representing victims of police misconduct. We have a record of success and have recovered over $40 million for civil rights victims and their families. When you hire our firm to fight for you against those guilty of violating your rights, you get a legal team that knows how to win. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

Probable Cause

Officers of the law may stop and ask you simple questions should the need arise, but without probable cause, that should be the extent of the conversation. They may not stop and frisk you or pat down your clothing without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. Probable cause is necessary in order to enter a premise, search a vehicle, or arrest a suspect. You are a victim of police misconduct if your property is searched without consent and without a warrant if there is no probable cause.

Search and Seizure

Citizens have rights against unlawful searches and seizures. Police officers are allowed to seize illegal substances that are in plain sight, but may not go looking for something to take without probable cause. There must also be probable cause of criminal activity to obtain a warrant for searches of private property.

Malicious Prosecution

Citizens may not be singled out and unjustly pursued for criminal activity. Every step of an officer’s actions must be reasonable and well documented. Officers who choose to single out an individual and “try to find something” in order to pursue arrest are practicing malicious prosecution.

No Excuse

While interactions with police officers are often heated and emotional, that is no excuse for an officer stepping on your rights or abusing his position. Police misconduct is unnecessary and inexcusable in any situation. Peace officers are trained to defuse volatile situations, and should never be the cause of increased tensions. As a victim of police misconduct, it is your responsibility to take action to help reduce this ongoing problem. Our attorneys can help you take this action.

You Have Rights

If you have been the victim of police misconduct in Minnesota, it pays to hire a law firm that has extensive experience and success in this area of law. Contact the attorneys at Robins Kaplan. We have recovered millions for victims of police misconduct and will do everything in our power to maximize your recovery. 

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