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Litigation success demands that lawyers consider clients’ cases not only through the eyes of the trial court and jury, but also through the eyes of appellate judges who may ultimately decide outcomes. Robins Kaplan LLP’s Appellate Advocacy and Guidance Group draws upon an impressive record of accomplished experience and achievement to assist clients at all stages of litigation. Former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric J. Magnuson leads the practice group which includes appellate advocates admitted in the United States Supreme Court, all 13 federal appellate courts, and the appellate courts of 26 states.

At Robins Kaplan LLP, we utilize our remarkable skills and experience to craft briefs and present oral arguments that are tailor-made for the appellate audience, often partnering with trial counsel inside and outside of our firm. Our attorneys have briefed and argued appeals on a host of issues that are significant to our individual clients, business clients, and the public including antitrust, bankruptcy, civil rights, class action, constitutional, consumer protection, healthcare, patent, and securities law.     

Our work with trial counsel often begins long before a case reaches appeal, sometimes even before it is filed.  We regularly provide guidance on trials, dispositive motions, and pleadings to best position a case for favorable resolution at the appellate finish line. When a case reaches appeal, we provide the broadest spectrum of services to our clients, from advising on procedure, briefing, or oral argument, to leading all aspects of the appeal. Our team also provides strategic assistance as amicus curiae counsel when it is helpful. Whether we represent the appellant, the appellee or an amicus, our ability to synthesize and analyze the case, the record, and the controlling standards of review can significantly aid in the creation of compelling arguments that earn judicial and client trust as well as precedential victories.

Our experience helps clients navigate the complexities of the appellate system in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Our appellate attorneys have handled appeals in state and federal courts across the country, including the Federal Circuit. Practice leader Eric Magnuson has earned a high profile in the world of appellate courts, having served as the President of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, the founding President of the 8th Circuit Bar Association, and co-chair of several ABA and state bar appellate advocacy committees. He has also authored and edited several leading texts on appellate law and practice, including Federal Appeals: Jurisdiction and Practice, the Eighth Circuit Appellate Practice Manual; and Minnesota Practice: Appellate Rules Annotated. Our clients and their trial counsel benefit from our tactical approach and the depth of insight and unique perspectives available only to lawyers with this level of experience.

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Appellate Advocacy and Guidance


Eric J. Magnuson


Chair, Appellate Practice
Pronouns: he/his

Lauren J. Coppola


Deputy Managing Partner, Boston Office
Chair, Telecommunications Practice

Stephen P. Safranski


Co-Chair, Antitrust and Trade Regulation Group


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