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Our personal injury attorneys at Robins Kaplan LLP have compassion for our clients and passion for justice. We understand that an unexpected injury or death causes many hardships for you and loved ones.  Where can you turn for straight answers and clear advice? The choice you make moving forward can make a difference.

We Take on Complexity

Our courtroom experience and success in personal injury and wrongful death cases include some of the most complicated cases.  Catastrophic events like fires and explosions, industrial accidents, defective products, drunk driver accidents, serious car, truck, and motorcycle, and airplane crashes often have one thing in common: a wrongdoer failed to use reasonable care and their carelessness caused harm to you or someone you love.

You are Not Alone

We see the person and family behind every personal injury or wrongful death case. We understand that life may never be the same again. We will help you and your family handle the many difficulties a serious injury or wrongful death brings. Our attorneys and in-house resources including investigators, medical advisors and Ph.D. science advisors are ready to tackle complicated incidents that require real courtroom know-how.

We have clarified or helped change laws that protect individual rights in important cases before the Supreme Courts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Iowa. Our attorneys have appeared on the Today Show (NBC), CBS News, Good Morning America (ABC), Dateline NBC, and other news programs and have been consistently named Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America.

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Selected Case Results*

  • I-35W Bridge Collapse Regarding Our Pro Bono Legal Effort. Robins Kaplan LLP led a group of 17 law firms providing free legal services to more than 100 people who were injured and who lost loved ones on August 1, 2007, when the I-35W Bridge in downtown Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi River.  We helped secure a legislatively created $37 million compensation fund for our clients.  In total, we helped recover more than $77 million for those injured and those who lost loved ones.  We devoted more than 20,000 pro bono hours to the case.  We recovered an additional $1.5 million and donated the money to build a memorial honoring those who died. Read more >

  • Counsel for families of Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife, daughter and three staff members who died in a crash of a chartered airplane.  Policy limits settlement of $25 million with aviation charter company and its corporate affiliates.

  • $10.3 million jury verdict involving a child who was seriously injured in an automobile incident with a semi-trailer.

  • $8.5 million jury verdict involving a teen boy who lost both of his arms.  The case was tried in the hometown of the defendant manufacturer.

  • $7.4 million jury verdict on behalf of a widow and her children for the wrongful death of a 51-year- old man killed in a Cirrus plane crash near Hill City, Minnesota.

  • $4 million jury verdict for a young girl who lost her arm in the Holidazzle Parade disaster.

  • Confidential settlement for the families of five children who died and four children who were wounded in the March 2009 shooting at the Red Lake High School on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

  • $3.8 million settlement for a 63-year-old farm wife who lost part of her arm due to a car collision.

  • $17 million settlement of consolidated cases in the I-5 (California) dust storm litigation involving a 99-vehicle, rear-end accident.

  • $7 million settlement for plaintiffs in class action involving illegal strip searches conducted at the St. Croix County, Wisconsin jail.  

Personal Injury Articles

  • Wrongful Death Recoveries in the Era of the Modern Family
    When a loved one dies through the fault of another, Minnesota’s wrongful death statute provides a right of recovery to the decedent’s family. Some people – even some in the legal community – are surprised to learn that the distribution of that recovery does not follow the bright-line rules of Minnesota’s inheritance laws. Instead, Minnesota’s wrongful death law allows far more discretion. This provides a creative opportunity for cooperative families, but the lack of bright line rules can also result in strife.

  • Risks and Benefits: Chiropractic Treatment and the Danger of Stroke
    The most potentially catastrophic risk associated with chiropractic treatment involves adjustment of a patient’s neck – also called a “high-velocity low amplitude manipulation.” This type of manipulation carries the risk that the patient will suffer a stroke, often with corresponding life-altering injuries.

  • The Robins Justice Report - Special Edition
    Summer 2011
    The 1-35W "Remembrance Garden Memorial"

  • Toyota's Sudden Acceleration Recall
    Following a recall of over 8 million Toyota vehicles, a safety researcher has reported that he found 19 deaths and 341 injuries resulting from 815 separate crashes involving the sudden acceleration of Toyotas.

  • Rebuilding Lives
    Survivors of the I-35W bridge collapse are ready to tell their tales to the panel that will decide how much to compensate them.

  • Mandatory Reporters Must Speak for the Abused Child
    Minnesota Association for Justice
    In Becker v. Mayo Foundation, 737 N.W.2d 200 (Minn. 2007), the Court held that evidence of a medical professional’s responsibility to report suspected child abuse to outside authorities, when the standard of care requires such a report, is admissible.

  • Restraint Chairs Cause Unnecessary Pain, Injury and Even Death
    The use of the "restraint chair" has proliferated in detention facilities across America. The increased use of such chairs, coupled with inadequate training and supervision of detention officers in their use has caused unnecessary pain, injury and even death.

* Past results are reported to provide the reader with an indication of the type of litigation we practice. They do not and should not be construed to create an expectation of result in any other case, as all cases are dependent upon their own unique fact situation and applicable law.