Financial and Economic Consultants

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Robins Kaplan financial and economic consultants are CPAs and Ph.D.-level economists who are deeply experienced in providing a wide range of quantitative assessments and analyses needed throughout litigation, as well as in complex business decisions. As experts in accounting, financial analysis, economic valuations, and econometrics, these professionals provide our clients with a strategic advantage inside and outside of the courtroom.

Our Financial and Economic Consultants Provide:

  • Case Evaluations
  • Pretrial Discovery
  • Damage Analyses
    • Contract Disputes
    • Complex Financial Products
    • Trademark and Patent Infringements
    • Breach of Non-Compete Agreements
    • Price-Fixing Activity
    • Regression and Financial Modeling
    • Medical and Dental Billing Issues
    • Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Financial Investigations
  • Financial and Structural Analysis
  • Financial and Economic Analysis
  • Preparation for Depositions and Trials

Our Financial and Economic Consultants Are Experienced In:

  • Accounting
  • Econometrics
  • Economic Valuation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Statistics

Why Clients Rely On Our Financial and Economic Consultants

Robins Kaplan recognizes that maintaining a group of in-house financial and economic consultants allows us to quickly tap the knowledge of a team of experienced individuals who know our clients and their business. We regularly engage these professionals at the earliest stages of litigation, when the strategic foundation of a case is developed. Our financial and economic consultants strengthen our clients’ cases by providing a clear picture of the associated financial, accounting, and economic issues at the start. Engaging these professionals at the outset of a case also presents our clients with a significant opportunity for cost savings.

Supporting Our Practice Areas

Our financial and economic consultants provide assistance in many practice areas. Some select areas include:

Part of Acumen Powered by Robins Kaplan LLP

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Shelley R. Gilliss, Ph.D.

Chief Talent Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

Ashley Emershaw

Senior Economic Research Analyst

Audra M. O'Rourke

Senior Antitrust Research Analyst

Congnan Zhan, Ph.D.

Senior Economic Consultant / Data Scientist

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