It takes discipline, creativity, and a thorough knowledge of governing procedural rules and strategies to define and achieve class action litigation victory. Whether defending or pursuing claims, the class action attorneys at Robins Kaplan LLP offer our corporate clients powerful representation. Our extensive knowledge of complex commercial litigation and proven trial experience helps our clients manage risk and maximize strategic advantage. Our class action lawyers are vigorous, innovative advocates who have won victories for class action defendants and plaintiffs in federal and state courts across the country. As a partner to corporate counsel, we guide our clients through the intricate issues inherent in class action with the goal of obtaining the best possible business result. We use tools like Legal Project Management (LPM) and OneBudget® software programs— our proprietary suite of LPM tools— to provide budget certainty, transparency and clear case communication, and our dedicated in-house Ediscovery practice to manage class action discovery risks and cost. Together, our experience and resources enable us to support our clients in all aspects of class action litigation, including the coordination of national, multi-venue, multi-party litigation matters.