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Whether supporting litigation or other document-intensive projects, Ediscovery professionals are on the frontlines of analyzing and identifying those documents that help clients win what matters most. They also represent one of the most significant expenses in litigation. In-house counsel must carefully weigh the risk and reward when outsourcing this critical function to a vendor or law firm.

To help legal departments save costs, eliminate waste, and achieve litigation goals, Robins Kaplan has developed a trusted team of Ediscovery consultants, project managers, and discovery attorneys. The Robins Kaplan Ediscovery team provides solutions for document identification, collection, and review throughout the litigation lifecycle, as well as for other document-intensive projects that our clients manage. Our Ediscovery professionals rely on analytics and state-of-the-art technology to create an efficient and defensible process that allows us to unearth critical evidence faster, decreasing review and production time and reducing the overall cost of Ediscovery.

Clients who hire Robins Kaplan to represent them in litigation benefit from having trusted Ediscovery professionals who are integral members of their legal team. Our Ediscovery team also serves as a cost-effective solution for companies managing a range of document-intensive projects. As a result of the efficiencies and cost-savings provided by the Robins Kaplan Ediscovery team, companies – and even other law firms – have hired us to serve as Ediscovery counsel in a broad range of cases. In a recent matter with over $1 billion at stake, we reduced a client’s Ediscovery expenses by more than 50% of what their lead counsel was charging them, resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

Our Ediscovery team serves clients involved in litigation or managing document-intensive projects across a range of industries, including:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Global Business and Technology Sourcing
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing and Technology
  • Retail

Our Differentiated Approach

Early Assessment

At the very beginning of a case, our Ediscovery team partners with the client to develop a custom plan that will drive what information needs to be preserved and collected. Our method creates a significant advantage at the 26(f) meet and confer conference: we arrive armed with an in-depth understanding of our clients’ systems and IT infrastructure as well as a strategy for how to best manage discovery.

Schellman IS 27001 Certification

Security and Sophisticated Data Hosting

The security of your data is our top priority. Our hosting solution is powered by Relativity, a market leader in Ediscovery hosting technology. Since 2018, our Relativity environment has been ISO 27001 certified, a reflection of our continued commitment to implementing safe, secure, repeatable processes.

Budget Predictability

Our Ediscovery services come without hidden fees, providing transparent pricing and budget predictability from day one. We charge no archiving fees and no threading services fees. We also offer our Ediscovery services under a variety of alternative fee pricing arrangements, including fixed fees, fixed monthly fees, and bundled services. By conducting a scoping discussion for all alternative fee arrangements, we ensure our clients receive the right fee arrangement, scaled for their needs.

Innovative Collection, Review, and Preservation

As technology advances and the volume of information grows, so do the capabilities of our Ediscovery team. In partnership with our industry-leading hosting solution, we harness the power of artificial intelligence and predictive coding to drive efficiency and get to the critical documents faster.

Armed with a full picture of the data in existence, we quickly spot gaps and provide explicit, detailed input on new legal holds. We also deploy practice and matter-specific collection and preservation strategies such as targeted custodian interviews, strategic development and keyword searches, as well as culling strategies, with a focus on eliminating collection of duplicative data.


Our Ediscovery professionals serve as integral members of your legal team. By operating as a cohesive unit, all Robins Kaplan professionals involved in your case leverage their shared matter knowledge to respond quickly and effectively to client inquiries.

Seamless Consistency

Robins Kaplan applies the same exceptional standards in recruiting and retaining talent across the firm, including for our Ediscovery team. Our core group of professionals are part of the Robins Kaplan family – they are not temporary employees. We consistently hire our project-based attorneys from a pool of carefully vetted, trusted professionals, most of whom have worked with Robins Kaplan for many years. In most instances, your documents will be managed by the same hands from start to finish. The result is uniform familiarity with your case and seamless integration between every Robins Kaplan professional involved.

Part of Acumen Powered by Robins Kaplan LLP

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