Legal Project Management

We Build Predictability into Case Management

We know our clients want predictability, transparency, and clear communication. That’s why at Robins Kaplan LLP, we are dedicated to our Legal Project Management (LPM) program. LPM is an innovative approach where we work together with our client through open and ongoing discussions about case scope, budget, and legal work schedule.

We Stay Connected
Robins Kaplan LLP is committed to creating a collaborative relationship with our clients. We partner with you to understand your needs and are constantly striving towards new and innovative ways to deliver.

As we work together, clients are provided with real-time access to pertinent information for each of their matters through secure access to an extranet website. Each site is customized for the client and contains a variety of information including access to calendars, documents, and news.

We Keep the Focus on Your Bottom Line
We understand our client’s need for cost predictability and transparency. We offer:

  • Tracking, management, and reporting on individual case budgets
  • A concrete way to communicate how we manage a budget and a compelling way to tell the budget story for your case

In-house resources to control costs:

  • Ediscovery: Our Ediscovery group combines talent and in-house resources to reduce costs at every stage of the Ediscovery process through a multi-million dollar data housing system and on-site document review
  • In-House Expertise: Our in-house experts include medical advisors, Ph.D. scientists, and financial and economic consultants. They mine medical, technical, financial, and economic data and analyze potential exposure on the critical issues our clients face

Advanced fee arrangements to accommodate your needs:

  • Real world, bottom line focused fee structures
  • Business venture approach to risk sharing and partnership
  • Clients pay for results, not time
  • Increases cost certainty

Karly Lackore

Director of Client Value

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