At Robins Kaplan, we seek to help these people find what they need, and it’s a pursuit that we’ll never abandon. As long as there’s one child yearning for a better education, one working mother worrying about the roof over her family's heads, one senior knowing that her next meal might be a long time coming, one immigrant struggling to find asylum in the United States, there will be a Robins Kaplan community service initiative.

Our quest isn’t to save the world. It’s to give others the chance to create a better one. Every member of Robins Kaplan contributes to the community in some way. Whether it’s making sandwiches for the homeless or sitting on the board of a vital nonprofit organization, we believe in the power of empowerment. And in leading by example.

Through pro bono work, community service and foundational support, we seek to help those who seek to help others. If every one of us can just tip that first domino, the shock wave can change the world.

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