Business Litigation

We get the “business” in business litigation. No strangers to high-stakes, mission-critical litigation, our business litigation lawyers know how to litigate and efficiently resolve smaller cases with a view to the bottom line. Our clients include an enviable sampling of Fortune 500 regulars along with Midwest multi-nationals, technology superstars (and iconoclasts), and mom-and-pop success stories. Agile across a wide range of business sectors, we have developed particular depth serving entertainment, financial, food and beverage, insurance, manufacturing, and retail industry members as well as a nationally recognized government and internal investigations and patent litigation practices.

We know that all litigation comes with inherent risk and that our clients’ future often hinges on a case's outcome. That's why we partner with you to understand immediate and long-term business needs, then craft a combined litigation and business strategy designed to meet your company's best interests. 

We Know the Ins and Out

Imagine being led through a maze by the person who designed it. That person understands where the path veers off to a dead end or where a carefully crafted illusion is a trap door you should avoid. Our experience—on both sides of the courtroom—gives you a business litigation lawyer with this same type of insight into what lies ahead. At the core of our legal strategy is a track record for analyzing complex legal and business challenges and foreseeing their outcomes for our clients.

We Detect Patterns

Our business litigation attorneys bring best-of-class plaintiff and defense strategies to the table. We have the breadth and depth of long-term experience that enables us to unearth the patterns that drive or impede business success. Our keen ability to provide multi-dimensional, up-front analysis has been honed alongside our courtroom dexterity, enabling our clients to benefit from access to a deep understanding and wide range of choices at every stage of business litigation. Our team is adept at connecting the dots among seemingly unrelated issues, spotting trends, and staying ahead of change in areas like electronic discovery, and international arbitration.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients throughout the life cycle of their businesses. Our nimble approach to case management was born of necessity and decades of risk-sharing with our clients—and we've learned how to deliver both efficiency and value to every client we serve. We use Legal Project Management (LPM) to provide budget certainty, transparency, and clear case communication. We also built an in-house Ediscovery practice group that combines proven tools and tactics to lower our clients’ Ediscovery costs and risks.

Among the first to employ alternative fee arrangements, we know how to get creative in ways that are mutually beneficial and in the best interests of your business. Sometimes that translates to a give-and-take flexibility with fee arrangements. By investing personally in the work we do for our clients, we expand — for everyone — the meaning of winning. Additionally, we approach both the strategy and budget of your case as if it were a business itself, managing both the litigation and the business portion of each case to add value and drive optimum efficiency and staffing.

Jason W. Pfeiffer


Chair, National Business Litigation Group


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