Affirmative Recovery – Helping Legal Departments Become a Profit Center

Company executives and their in-house lawyers have, for good reasons, viewed the trial process as a costly draw on human and financial resources. In some situations, however, trial can be a valuable source of revenue.

Robins Kaplan is helping CEOs and legal departments recognize the assets and potential revenue they have in affirmative recoveries. With the same gusto that companies use to look into their intellectual property attics for untapped value, organizations must examine claims against third parties that were never brought, mainly because of litigation-averse perspectives.

We are here to uncover those claims, show you how recovery can be pursued and revenues created for your group - and how that can be achieved without substantial expense to you through our Affirmative Recovery Fee Agreements or Litigation Financing.

Moreover, pursuing these affirmative recoveries shows your board of directors and investors that you are well aware of your duties to the company and are bringing out the full value of investments for the stakeholders.

We are unequalled in our ability to detail and recover that value. In one landmark case, we spearheaded arbitrations for breach of a long-term contract that resulted in $2.7 billion awarded. Other matters we’ve handled span a wide range of legal practices, from to intellectual property claims to financial instrument litigation to healthcare litigation.  For more than 80 years, we’ve made a history of recoveries that show how we change the odds.

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