Consumer Alert: FDA Has Concerns About All Types of Metal-On-Metal Hip Implants 
August 17, 2012 - Traditional Metal-on-Metal (MoM) total hip replacement implants consist of a femoral head ball, femoral stem, and an acetabular cup - all made of metal materials. The FDA recommends that any MoM hip patient with pain in the groin, hip, or leg; swelling at or near the hip joint; or a limp or change in walking ability be evaluated by their orthopedic surgeon promptly due to unique risks of MoM implants.

Consumer Alert: JPML Separates Minn. Plaintiff’s ASR and Pinnacle Hip Replacement Claims
June 21, 2011 - The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has divided DePuy ASR and Pinnacle hip implant claims asserted by a Minnesota woman in a single federal lawsuit and conditionally assigned them to pending MDLs in Texas and Ohio.

Consumer Alert Update: DePuy ASR Hip Implant Recall - Up to 49% Failure Rate Reported
Spring 2011 - In March 2011, the British Orthopaedic Association and the British Hip Society issued a statement that new data indicates the rate of revisions for ASR XL Acetabular Hip System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing Systems range from 21% at 4 years and 49% at 6 years after the original implant.

Tara D. Sutton Appointed to Plaintiff’s Law and Motions Committee in DePuy ASR MDL
March 9, 2011 - On January 26, 2011, U.S. District Court Judge David A. Katz appointed partner Tara D. Sutton to the Plaintiffs' Law and Motions Committee in the DePuy ASR Multi-District Litigation.

Consumer Alert: Johnson & Johnson Recalls DePuy ASR XL Acetabular Hip System
August 26, 2010 - On August 26, 2010, the DePuy Orthopaedics unit of Johnson & Johnson announced that it was recalling two hip replacement products: the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System.