Counseling and Compliance

As Benjamin Franklin counseled, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” All too often, when a company becomes the target of a United States Justice Department (DOJ) enforcement investigation, its only hope is that the cure won’t be ruinous. At Robins Kaplan, we prefer prevention over cure. Our experienced antitrust lawyers can help design and implement a compliance program to detect antitrust problems before they occur and to deter employees from engaging in potentially costly anticompetitive conduct. Company management is too often the last to know that it has an antitrust problem. We help our clients prevent that from occurring.

Given the potentially crippling costs of an antitrust enforcement action and follow-on lawsuits, and the relatively small expense of implementing a compliance program, the choice should be clear. We at Robins Kaplan help our clients design antitrust compliance programs tailored to their specific circumstances. We offer each client:

  • An antitrust compliance program that is designed with their company, industry, and particular risk factors in mind
  • In-person, on-site antitrust training programs for corporate employees
  • A review of existing compliance programs to identify what is working (and thus should be retained), and what is not (and thus should be repaired or replaced)
  • An action plan for what do if a violation is detected

In addition to a formal, comprehensive antitrust compliance program, we also counsel businesses and employees on specific, stand-alone antitrust issues.