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Robins Kaplan investigators have earned a reputation for handling a wide range of complex investigations. In every case, we respond immediately to the scene of an incident and work closely with attorneys from the earliest stages of the investigation to the courtroom.

Our investigators have experience with a wide range of legal matters, including insurance subrogation, accident investigations, personal injury, medical malpractice, and all types of tort claims.

Over the years, our investigative strategy has remained the same—to provide a coordinated, professional, case-by-case analysis tailored to your specifications. No matter how large or small your business concerns, our highly skilled team will provide swift, thorough responses to your investigative needs.

Our Investigators Are Experienced In:

  • Accident Investigations
  • Code Research
  • Detailed Business Backgrounds
  • Financial Backgrounds
  • Fraud
  • History of Individuals and Businesses
  • Inadequate Building Security
  • Industrial Accident Investigations
  • Locating and Obtaining Government Records
  • Locating Experts
  • Locating Witnesses, Including Tough-to-Find or Evasive Witnesses
  • Marine Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Failure
  • Recreational Vehicle Investigations
  • Structural and Mechanical Failures
  • Thefts
  • Train Derailments
  • Various Types of Investigations for Corporate Clients

Our Differentiated Approach

With trial as their focus from the beginning, our experienced investigators conduct detailed interviews with witnesses and victims and thoroughly document the facts surrounding your case, including the preservation of the scene and its evidence through scene and aerial photography. This evidence is maintained and secured using the highest standards of care.

Our investigative services team consults extensively with the firm’s attorneys and outside experts as we evaluate and prepare the case, using detailed and concise reports created with litigation in mind. These investigations allow the attorneys and client to clearly analyze the client’s obligations and recovery methods.

Our investigators maintain relationships with fire and law enforcement officials across the nation. Our investigative network includes professionals possessing expert technical skills in electrical, mechanical, fire protection systems, HVAC, construction materials, and code evaluations.

Educational Resources

In addition to conducting our casework, our investigative services team regularly provides educational seminars that address our clients’ investigative needs and the firm’s investigative capabilities.

Part of Acumen Powered by Robins Kaplan LLP

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