Strategic IP Monetization

Robins Kaplan has a long history of helping clients successfully monetize their intellectual property assets. We have led multiple licensing and enforcement efforts on behalf of innovators that have generated revenue exceeding $100 million each. We have built a hard-earned reputation for zealously representing clients in complex licensing efforts, as well as patent enforcement against entire industries.  

Our record of success includes trial and appellate wins in federal and state courts, the International Trade Commission, and both national and international arbitration. These results have fueled numerous practice recognitions, including selection as an “A-List” firm and the first-ever “IP Litigation Department of the Year” by The American Lawyer, top rankings in Chambers USA, and selection as a “Go To Law Firm” by Corporate Counsel.

Through our proprietary approach to patent analytics, Pinpoint IP®, our team of experienced IP attorneys, Ph.D. science and engineering advisors, and financial and economic consultants help IP owners assess their IP assets, identify licensing opportunities, and conduct licensing campaigns to unlock unrealized ROI.

Whether you buy, sell, invest in, or operate IP-driven businesses, we can help you better understand the real value of your IP assets and, when necessary, enforce and protect them against players of all sizes in the market.

We Share Risk

We have spent two decades helping IP asset owners recover billions of dollars. Along the way, we have repeatedly discerned when to invest our own capital and resources to achieve a client's recovery. We are proud to zealously represent and share risk with a broad spectrum of clients, including some of world’s largest technology-oriented companies, highly innovative emerging companies, as well as individual inventors, authors, and developers.

We Evaluate IP Portfolios Before Investments Are Made

We evaluate IP portfolios before investments to help our clients avoid overpaying, identify critical latent weaknesses in a target company’s IP portfolio, and spot other potentially valuable assets not previously included in the acquisition or licensing model. We also identify IP investment targets by presenting litigation-based investment opportunities to our clients.

We Harvest the Value of Existing IP Investments

We help our clients unlock revenue streams from their existing IP investments by identifying valuable IP assets, selecting potential licensing targets, negotiating IP licenses or other monetization transactions, and, where necessary, enforcing IP rights against infringers.

Pinpoint IP®: Our Proprietary Approach to Patent Analytics

Part of Acumen Powered by Robins Kaplan LLP®

Using our proprietary approach to patent analytics, Pinpoint IP, our intellectual property litigation attorneys, Ph.D. science and engineering advisors, and financial and economic consultants leverage their know-how – earned litigating big IP cases on both sides of the courtroom – to help innovators and investors evaluate IP, identify hidden value, and better maintain, defend, or monetize technology and innovation assets.

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Christopher K. Larus


Chair, National IP and Technology Litigation Group

Shelley R. Gilliss, Ph.D.

Chief Talent Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

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