Secured $1.6 Million Settlement for Undiagnosed Brain Tumor Resulting in Vision Loss

In 2010, our then-16-year-old client was examined by a neurologist after suffering from headaches, nausea, and visual changes. The neurologist stated that she likely suffered from a pseudotumor but failed to order the MRI scan required to rule out a real tumor. Ultimately, the client's symptoms did not improve over the next two months and an MRI was eventually ordered.

The MRI identified a large tumor in the patient's brain. Unfortunately, during the two-plus-month delay the tumor applied constant pressure to the client's optic nerve, resulting in permanent vision loss. The defendant argued the client's delay in coming back for further evaluation despite no improvement caused her vision loss. The case resulted in a $1.6 million settlement; the client plans to use the proceeds to assist in her future care needs and improve her quality of life.
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Brandon E. Vaughn


Chair, Black Firm Member Resource Group

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