$141 Million Settlement Reached Between Intergraph Corporation and Hewlett-Packard

Intergraph Corporation, represented by the firm, has reached a settlement agreement on all pending patent litigation with Hewlett-Packard Company, including the Company's OEM Clipper case. The terms of the settlement agreement include Hewlett-Packard paying Intergraph $141 million and the dismissal of all pending legal actions between Intergraph and Hewlett-Packard, as well as a cross-license to the other party's patent portfolio. This brings the total settlements to $396 million for Intergraph. Prior settlements were reached with Dell Inc. and Intel for $225 million. A settlement was reached with Gateway Inc. for $10 million and future royalties on Gateway and e-Machines Computer Systems sales. In addition, settlements were reached with IBM for $10 million and a cross license and with AMD for $10 million plus up to $5 million per year for three years.

Being named to the list or receiving the award is not intended and should not be viewed as comparative to other lawyers or to create an expectation about results that might be achieved in a future matter.