REAL TALK The Robins Kaplan Business Law Update

Real Talk: The Robins Kaplan Business Law Update is a newsletter designed to educate women in the legal and business communities about current events and pertinent topics affecting them on a daily basis, as well as to highlight the work of female business executives and attorneys.  

Vol 2. No. 4

Winter 2020

We are very happy to jumpstart 2020 with the newest edition of our newsletter. In this issue, we discuss a recent and fulfilling pro bono victory; sit down with Marian Pardo, a high-level executive in the banking and investment industry; and assess the opportunities and obstacles facing professional photographers in the age of Instagram.

Happy Reading!

In This Issue

  • A Victory for All Involved
  • Interview with Marian Pardo, Managing Director and Principal of Virtual Capital Management, LLC
  • Facing the Music: Protecting Photography in the Age of Instagram
In this article, we share some details of our firm’s recent triumph in securing justice for a worthy pro bono client.
One of our members sits down with Marian Pardo, the Managing Director and Principal of Virtual Capital Management LLC, trustee of J.P. Morgan Mutual Funds, and Non-Executive Director of Viramal Limited. Ms. Pardo shares with us her in-depth experience with finance and investment, her thoughts on diversity in the field, and her tips for outside counsel.
Digitization, the internet, and social media have changed much about our world. Among them is the additional exposure—but also vulnerabilities—photographers and content creators face on Instagram. This article analyzes the issue and posits potential solutions from the music industry.