ACC MN 11th Annual In-House Counsel Conference

From Board Room to Court Room: Managing the Risks of Fiduciary Duties

June 16, 2022

Windows on Minnesota
710 S Marquette Ave, 50th floor
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Anne M. Lockner


Member of Executive Board
Pronouns: she/her

Robins Kaplan LLP is proud to be a 2022 sponsor for the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Minnesota, including the In-House Counsel Conference.

Ensuring a company’s directors and officers fulfill their fiduciary obligations is arguably one of the weightiest responsibilities that in-house counsel must bear. In “From Board Room to Court Room: Managing the Risks of Fiduciary Duties,” panelists Brenda Furlow, Amanda Parker, and Anne Lockner will discuss different aspects and challenges of fiduciary duties including: advising officers and directors to ensure they meet their fiduciary duties, understanding when fiduciary duties are subject to enhanced judicial scrutiny, understanding how financial challenges and positioning companies for a change in control or sale can effect duties, appreciating how these duties can give rise to litigation, and how the right to control the attorney-client privilege can find itself in unexpected hands during fiduciary disputes.

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