Tony Schrank: Advocating for Justice Beyond the Courtroom

March 2024

Minneapolis Lawyer Tony Schrank

In the legal arena, where the pursuit of justice for the injured and the grieving is paramount, Tony Schrank stands as a formidable advocate. As a partner at Robins Kaplan, Tony has dedicated his career to helping individuals who have been injured and families who have lost loved ones due to wrongful death. His recent triumph in securing a $1.79 million verdict for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car crash is just one testament to the impact he makes on the lives of those he represents.

A Journey Rooted in Passion

Tony’s journey into law began with a deep-rooted interest in the legal system. During his undergraduate years, he interned at a company that administered class action lawsuits. This early exposure ignited his passion for the law, leading him to law school, where he found his calling in personal injury law. Before joining Robins Kaplan in 2017, Tony spent three years running a private practice in Anoka, Minnesota. His solo practitioner days were marked by a diverse range of civil litigation cases. Although about half of his caseload was dedicated to personal injury, his interest in the work led him to explore his options for practicing exclusively in the field. He decided to transition to a larger firm that could provide the support and resources required for a more concentrated focus on personal injury and wrongful death.

"The Rest Was History"

The decision to join Robins Kaplan was a natural progression for Tony. From his law school days, he admired the firm's commitment to handling significant cases. His desire to practice law in the same impactful way brought him to the doors of the firm, and “the rest was history,” he said. Since joining Robins Kaplan, Tony has amassed an impressive track record of successful results. In one notable case, he represented a 72-year-old man injured in a ski lift incident in Michigan, securing a substantial $2.25 million settlement. He obtained a $1,250,000 recovery on behalf of a minor who was electrocuted while climbing a tree after the Court granted a motion for punitive damages. He also secured a significant $1.75 million settlement on behalf of a bicyclist who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a truck.

A Verdict Beyond Medical Bills

Tony's recent success in obtaining a $1.79 million jury verdict for a car crash victim not only marked a legal victory but allowed his client to embrace an improved way of life. What made this result truly exceptional is that the client had only $9,000 in medical bills. The substantial award reflects the jury's recognition of the profound impact on the client's quality of life. The client, now with a "new brain" due to the crash, faced significant challenges, including a reduced ability to work and a complete shift in lifestyle. The client also had a brother with disabilities whom she intended to care for after her mother was no longer able to. Because the client’s income was reduced, she was no longer able to afford her "dream home" which had the necessary accommodations for her brother. With this verdict, she can now revisit purchasing a home like this again.

A Decade of Impactful Cases

With over a decade of experience and a history of achieving favorable outcomes in difficult cases, Tony attributes all his success to his wife, who has supported each step of his career, and his three children. When asked about the most impactful cases of his career, he does not point to the ones with the largest rewards or the most shocking details. Instead, he says that the most meaningful cases are the ones he is currently working on – because those are the lives he is focused on affecting right now, and in turn, they affect him. His dedication to his work is evident in his pursuit of justice for each new client he represents.

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