A New Cybersecurity Reality for New Media Companies

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For the third time in as many of years, Sony is facing another data security breach — a nightmare that Sony probably thinks instead belongs in its most horrifying movies and video games. Sony’s failings serve as yet another warning shot for media companies facing an ever-increasing collection of cyber threats. New media organizations are particularly vulnerable: They are often in the business of producing controversial content that may attract the ire of hacker groups. New media relies on the interconnectivity of digital platforms to deliver content and connect with customers. Finally, new media is often highly sophisticated at gathering and analyzing personalized consumer data, leaving a potential treasure trove for hackers. Most alarmingly, the Sony breach shows that hacking media organizations may not just be about stealing personal or trade secret data (such as those directed at other industries), but may instead be motivated by revenge and designed to cripple the organization by inflicting substantial technical damage.

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