As one of the nation’s leading trial firms, Robins Kaplan has long welcomed former judicial law clerks to its ranks. Our litigators and appellate attorneys value the practical experience judicial law clerks gain from working in chambers and within the court system. We offer former clerks an opportunity to use that experience to contribute to complex, high-stakes litigation early in their careers at Robins Kaplan.

We recruit and hire former clerks from federal district and circuit courts throughout the country as well as from the highest appellate court in various states. We prize clerks who are looking to put their experience into action and contribute immediately on our trial and appellate case teams, and we recognize the value they bring to our firm by affording former clerks commensurate advancement credit and compensation.

Though we welcome applications from judicial clerks throughout the year, we encourage clerks interested in joining us at Robins Kaplan to submit their application in the early part of the year in which their clerkship ends.

Below are some of the Robins Kaplan attorneys who previously served as judicial clerks. We encourage you to reach out to any of them for more information about our firm.

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