Strategic IP Monetization

The Strategic IP Monetization Group at Robins Kaplan LLP helps investors and inventors evaluate IP, identify hidden value and find ways to monetize technology and innovation assets. Our guidance on IP monetization reflects our experience turning ideas into money and the know-how we've earned litigating big IP cases on both sides of the courtroom.

We Get Risk

We spent the last 20 years partnering with IP litigation clients and we have recovered billions of dollars on their behalf. Along the way, we have repeatedly had to decide whether to invest our own capital and resources towards a client's recovery.

We Know How to Solve for X in the IP Money Equation

Finding IP's real, quantifiable value can be tricky. Getting the answer right can mean increasing a purchase price or tapping a previously hidden revenue stream. Making a mistake can be both costly and embarrassing.

To evaluate the strength and value of the intellectual property in question, we developed our proprietary Strategic IP Assessment. When combined with our IP litigation experience and in-house resources like a full complement of Ph.D. science advisors and financial and economic consultants, this process makes us strategically situated among law firms and other IP professionals to deliver an actionable, real-world IP evaluation.

We Drive Success

Whether you buy, sell, invest in or operate intellectual property-driven businesses we can help you better understand an IP portfolio and its real value. We can help:

  • Evaluate an IP Portfolio Before Investment 
    • Avoid overpaying
    • Identify critical latent weaknesses in the target company's IP portfolio
    • Identify other potentially valuable assets not previously included in the acquisition or licensing model
    • Identify potential litigation targets for licensing
  • Harvest the Value of Existing IP Investments 
    • Identify IP of significant value
    • Negotiate IP sale or licensing
    • Pursue litigation in a shared-risk relationship
  • Identify IP Investment Targets 
    • Present litigation-based investment opportunities

Christopher K. Larus


Chair, National IP and Technology Litigation Group

Shelley R. Gilliss, Ph.D.

Chief Business Intelligence Officer

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