Trial and Multimedia Consultants

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Robins Kaplan trial and multimedia consultants bring decades of technology and logistics-based experience to assist legal teams bound for trial. Our in-house experts provide management of pretrial logistics, mock trials, multimedia solutions, trial graphics, and more. Given our firm’s unique trial focus and experience, our capabilities surpass the solutions provided by many third-party vendors.

Our Experienced In-House Trial and Multimedia Consultants Offer:

  • Cost Savings – Our trial and multimedia consultants integrate seamlessly with our trial teams, limiting involvement from expensive third-party vendors and driving efficiencies that keep costs down.
  • Integrated Solutions – We have decades of collective experience working with the firm’s trial teams. Our specialists build upon these longstanding relationships to anticipate needs before they arise.
  • Dedicated Support – Our trial and multimedia specialists are deeply integrated into the culture and values of Robins Kaplan, as well as the firm’s unique approach to trial preparation. No vendor will care as deeply about your case as our trial support specialists do.


Our trial and multimedia consultants offer a full suite of services, from the earliest stages of planning all the way to the courtroom.

Pretrial Logistics

We plan hotel and war room logistics, including contract negotiation and network integration, coordinate meetings, and offer trial presentation consulting.

Mock Trials

We facilitate mock trials and focus groups in our state-of-the-art courtroom in Minneapolis or in hotels around the country. We incorporate research in social psychology and decision sciences.

Hotel Booking

We negotiate with hotels to ensure our clients get the best deal possible. We ensure all rooms are set up with the proper amenities, accommodating all special requests.

War Room Setup

War room setup is one of the most important decisions our clients make in preparation for trial, as it directly impacts the trial team’s productivity and efficiency. With extensive trial prep experience, we know the right way to design and set up an advantageous war room.

Trial Presentation Services

Our trial prep team is certified in the rigorous InData TrialDirector training program, as well as OnCue trial presentation software. We are experienced in assisting with a wide range of cases, from large patent cases to small medical malpractice matters. Our technical experts ensure that all courtroom participants benefit from state-of-the-art presentation technologies.

Trial Graphics

Our dedicated in-house senior designer understands precisely how your message should be conveyed visually, ensuring that your key points are interpreted correctly by judges and juries.


Our in-house HD audio/video capabilities rival those of third-party production companies. We prepare everything from fully edited settlement videos to high-quality, professional-grade product demos and product/evidence photography. Our FAA Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) Certification enables us to capture 4K-quality drone video.

Part of Acumen Powered by Robins Kaplan LLP

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Shelley R. Gilliss, Ph.D.

Chief Talent Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

Chris D. Sullivan

Senior Trial Graphics Designer

Travis Wilhelmi

Senior Trial Consultant and Multimedia Engineer

Caleb Shields

Trial Support and Multimedia Specialist

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