Access to Justice Is a Right, Not a Privilege

By Brandon Vaughn

June 2024

When people hear that nearly everyone in my immediate family is a lawyer - including my dad and two siblings - what usually follows is, "Thanksgiving dinners must be interesting. I can only imagine all the heated debates with a house full of lawyers." I often laugh and reply that we seldom debate or argue. And if we do, my mother, who is the only nonlawyer, often "wins" the arguments, leaving us amused and humbled. This unique family dynamic has shaped my journey as a Black attorney and my commitment to advocating for accessible justice.

Reprinted with permission of Trial ® (June 2024) Copyright © 2024 American Association for Justice®, Formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA®)

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Brandon E. Vaughn


Chair, Black Firm Member Resource Group

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