Commercial Liability Coverage

Liability Insurers are facing an increase in claims that potentially trigger a duty to defend under commercial general liability, directors and officers, professional indemnity and related errors, and omissions coverages. At Robins Kaplan LLP, our liability coverage attorneys partner with clients to promptly determine whether there is a duty to defend, defend under a reservation of rights, or deny defense and indemnity coverage altogether.

When coverage disputes arise we defend our client’s positions, in litigation if necessary, including declaratory judgment actions where warranted. From property damage, bodily injury, and advertising and personal injury claims, to employment practices, violations of privacy, and civil rights, to data breaches, copyright, trademark, trade dress and slogan infringement, we have earned a reputation for success in complex liability coverage matters.

We have advised on claims arising in a variety of contexts: financial services, manufacturing, construction, food and beverage, environmental, asbestos, franchise and license relationships, clothing design, home and garden, and music and video to name a few. Whether providing coverage advice or litigation representation, we help our clients navigate the nuances of commercial liability coverage.

We regularly deal with the interpretation differences that exist from state to state. We know—inside and out-- the history and subtleties of liability policy provisions as well as their interpretations over time, offering our clients a breadth of experience that spans decades. We also assist in analyzing and pursuing “other insurance”, subrogation, and contribution and indemnity from other parties.

Clients and Industries

  • Liberty Mutual
  • Affiliated FM
  • Riverport Insurance Company
  • Berkley Risk Administrators Company – Specialty Risk Programs

John N. Love

Of Counsel

Melissa M. D'Alelio


Member of Executive Board
Chair, Insurance and Catastrophic Loss Group

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Managing Partner, Boston Office

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