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The Insurance Insight newsletter delivers practical content to help you navigate the current challenges and latest developments in the insurance industry. This newsletter is curated by the women of Robins Kaplan with the goal of celebrating women in the profession and exploring topics of general interest in the insurance field. 

Vol. 2, No. 2

Winter 2018

Welcome to our Winter installment of The Robins Kaplan Insurance Insight, “A Year in Review.” In this edition, we look back on significant legal issues from the past year relating to insurance and women professionals. For example, we had the pleasure of sitting down with AIG’s Lucy Fato to hear about her philosophy on female leadership in the insurance industry. Looking back, Lucy’s strong focus on communication and relationships within the industry has been key to her success. We also reflect on an ongoing, hot button social issue, the #metoo movement and its crossover with insurance. As our readers know, coverage often turns on policy interpretation – we invite our readers to prepare for cold weather claims with our articles on snow removal and transmission and distribution lines. 2018 also brought with it new California rules that may affect insurance companies and litigation. We review both the new California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and California’s Revised Rules of Professional Responsibility. Finally, we take a look at a current high-stakes litigation, which questions the scope of the Insurance Commissioner’s authority to interpret California’s Unfair Insurance Practices Act.

We hope you enjoy this edition’s offerings and we welcome your feedback on topics and areas of interest for upcoming issues.

In This Issue

  • Interview with Lucy Fato, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of AIG
  • Is An Electric Transmission Line More Than Just The Wire? The Above Ground Electrical Transmission and Distribution Lines Exclusion
  • The Broadening of California’s Unfair Insurance Practices? A Review of Pacificare Life & Health Ins. Co. v. Jones
  • Coverage Implications of the #MeToo Movement
  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Get Damaged?
  • The (Already) Amended California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018’s Dramatic Changes to the Privacy Landscape and What This Means for Businesses
  • Change of Policy: California’s New Rules of Professional Responsibility Broaden Bases for Disqualifying Former Counsel

Christina M. Lincoln, MLIS


Co-Chair, Women of Robins Kaplan (WoRK) Resource Group
Pronouns: she/her

Stacey Slaughter


Co-Chair, Antitrust and Trade Regulation Group

California’s new Rules of Professional Responsibility expand grounds for disqualification when former coverage counsel begins representing policyholders.
As allegations of sexual misconduct directed at employers continue to mount, so do corresponding claims for coverage.
Relationships Are Everything: A Conversation with AIG’s General Counsel Lucy Fato.
In a Transmission and Distribution Line Exclusion, is it only the wire, or should the entire structure be excluded?
Gearing up for winter—what insurers need to know in preparing for cold weather claims.
Often referred to as the “California-GDPR”, the new California privacy law significantly expands consumer rights and business obligations.
The latest high-stakes litigation has captured the attention of insurance professionals everywhere as a California Court of Appeal recently affirmed $91 million in fines against an insurer for violating the Insurance Commissioner’s Regulations that interpret and arguably expand on the statutory language within California’s Unfair Insurance Practices Act.

Vol. 2, No. 1

Spring 2018