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Real Talk: The Robins Kaplan Business Law Update is a newsletter designed to educate women in the legal and business communities about current events and pertinent topics affecting them on a daily basis, as well as to highlight the work of female business executives and attorneys.  

Vol 3. No. 2

Fall 2020

In This Issue

  • Conservation Easement Deductions: How Recent Tax Law Developments Have Created A New Area of Legal Malpractice Litigation by Craig Weiner, Qian Julie Wang, Alexander Newman
  • Don’t Stop the Music: The Intersection Between Insurance and The Music Industry in the Era of COVID-19 by Carly Kessler and Lauren Birkenstock
  • Interview with Uzma Saghir, Senior Corporate Counsel at Liberty Mutual by Manleen Singh
  • Facing Novel Legal Issues Concerning Facial Recognition Technology in 2020 by Reena Jain
The IRS has recently embarked on a recent change in how it enforces the requirements for conservation easement deductions.
As more live performances are cancelled, limited in size or postponed, venues, festival organizers, artists and others are looking for relief from the financial impact caused by the coronavirus crisis.
Manleen Singh sits down via Zoom with Uzma Saghir, Senior Corporate Counsel at Liberty Mutual in Boston, Massachusetts.
Today, facial recognition technology is everywhere. As it invades every aspect of our lives, shutdown or not, technological advances, news coverage, and legal approaches concerning such technology continue to expand and evolve.

Vol 2. No. 4

Winter 2020

Vol 3. No. 1

Summer 2020