When huge forces are at play, major money is at stake, or rights are being trampled, our professionals help clients cut through complexity, get to the heart of the problem, and win what matters most.

Find a lawyer or business professional member now by searching our database. Search by name, service, office location, or by advanced search criteria.

Our trial lawyers litigate, mediate, and arbitrate across a broad range of legal practices.

Financial and Economic Consultants
Our financial and economic consultants can untangle the financial aspects of even the most complex legal matters.

Our trained investigators move quickly to establish the facts behind catastrophic events.

Medical Professionals
Our highly experienced medical professionals offer first-hand knowledge of medicine and health care systems.

Science Advisors
Our science advisors demystify the technical issues at the heart of complex IP matters.

Ediscovery Consultants
Our Ediscovery professionals are on the frontlines of identifying and analyzing documents that help clients win what matters most.
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