False Claims Act

Whistleblower cases under the False Claims Act (called qui tam) are complex. While successful cases can lead to substantial recoveries by both the government and the whistleblower, not every case is a strong one. In selecting an attorney to represent him/her in a False Claims Act case, a whistleblower should consider not only the depth of the attorney’s knowledge of the law and skills as an advocate, but also the attorney’s experience in evaluating cases to determine whether they are likely to succeed. Because, in general, the most successful cases are ones in which the government takes an interest and “intervenes,” it is important that a whistleblower attorney understand how those intervention decisions get made and know how to position the case to increase the likelihood of intervention.  

Jeff Gleason, the leader of the False Claims Act team at Robins Kaplan LLP, spent years evaluating and prosecuting False Claims Act cases on behalf of the United States as a Department of Justice Trial Attorney. Jeff led dozens of federal investigations of allegations of fraud and was responsible for what was believed to be the largest recovery ever from a physician under the False Claims Act – a result that earned him the Civil Division’s Outstanding Achievement Award. Jeff brings his talents and experience to Robins Kaplan, where he leads a team of experienced and decorated trial lawyers in representing whistleblowers.

Our team understands the difficulties that whistleblowers face in deciding whether to pursue a case under the False Claims Act. We recognize that for some whistleblowers, the decision could have an enormous impact on their professional lives. That is why we take great care to counsel whistleblowers not only about the strengths and weaknesses of their case, but also about the road ahead that may await someone who blows the whistle on fraud. Once we are convinced that our client is fully informed and interested in pursuing a case, we strive to gather as much evidence and explore as many legal angles as we can in order to make the case as strong as possible.   

We Have the Resources Whistleblower Cases Need to Succeed

Successful False Claims Act whistleblower cases can require significant resources – both in developing the case that is filed and, in some instances, in litigating against the defendant. Robins Kaplan has those resources. We have an in-house team of forensic economic and financial analysts, medical professionals, and trained investigators. We also know —and know how to prove to the government and the courts—the complex legal, business, and regulatory issues in False Claims Act whistleblower cases. When you trust us to help review and pursue your whistleblower case, we invest our knowledge and firm resources in your case.  And we only take a fee if you recover. 

We Have Fighting for Justice in Our DNA

False Claims Act whistleblower cases often involve just one or two people speaking up against big organizations who break the rules to make a profit. Our firm has a long history of obtaining individual justice in the courtroom against those kinds of wrongdoers. In cases involving complex, fraudulent schemes in the world of business, finance, and health care, we have helped our clients recover the profits and penalties due when fraud and wrongdoing occurs. When the wrongdoing is against the government, we know the specific tactics whistleblowers must use to beat a larger foe.

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