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 In many respects, we’re all on a shared journey. Our common hu- manity drives us
all to seek happiness, equality, safety, and prosperity. Those ideals mean different things to different people, but they are goals that we can all identify and strive to enjoy. But we are not on this journey alone. We learn from, help, and guide one another.
The Robins Kaplan community service effort is driven by this understanding. We believe that if we work together on our journeys, we can help others get to where they want to go. We believe this in the courtroom, where we donated more than 26,000 pro bono hours in the pursuit of equal access to justice. We believe this in our communities, where we have provided nearly $29 million to nonprofit organi- zations all over the country. We believe this in the boardroom, where we serve on the boards of dozens of organizations that
fight for the greater good.
In 2017, we witnessed some remarkable members of our community overcome tre- mendous obstacles and helped them forge new paths ahead. This year’s Summary of Sharing
highlights two such stories. Robins Kaplan helped Paniya Vang testify in federal court to confront her abuser and draw national attention to the horrific practices of child sex trafficking, child sex tourism, and child mar- riage. Vang is now a powerful and forceful advocate on behalf of girls and young women who have suffered similar ordeals. We also had the privilege of representing David and Cinda Jensen in their effort to adopt their granddaughter, Chloe, after the Jensens’ daughter tragically died, with Chloe’s biological father the primary suspect in her disappearance. The Robins Kaplan teams were inspired by the courage and perseverance demonstrated by Vang and the Jensens, and were honored to stand by them in court.
For 80 years, Robins Kaplan has been dedicated to changing the odds. It is a privilege and responsibility to have the skills and resources to do that for our community members and to help their life
story take a new direction.
Martin Lueck

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