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To keep fresh ideas and nimble minds interested in law and justice, it’s vital to fuel the interests of young people. Exposing them early and presenting all possible careers in the field of law is an important step in keeping the scales balanced.
Animals are part of the community, too. Part of helping the less fortunate is remembering our four-footed members of society.
An overlooked aspect of employment, especially for those who have faced hardship such
as domestic violence, hunger, or homelessness, are clothes. Even the most basic interview requires a woman to “look the part,”
and not everyone has access to “professional” garments.
On April 14, several firm members participated in the Third Annual Career Fair, hosted by the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators’ Diversity & Inclusion Committee. The fair gave students from Edison and Wellstone high schools the opportunity to explore
a wide range of careers available in the legal field.
In May 6, firm members participated in the Minneapolis Walk for Animals, raising $900 for the Animal Humane Society. The funds went to providing medical care and behavior programs to the nearly 24,000 animals who come into Minnesota shelters each year.
(Photo: Humane Society)
Firm members participated in the Professional Women’s Clothing Drive coordinated by Minnesota Women Lawyers. Generous amounts of clothing, shoes,
purses, and other accessories were donated in support of women who have experienced relationship violence, sexual exploitation, addiction, mental health challenges, or other trauma.

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