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 Size of the American sex tourism industry, where American citizens travel overseas to engage in illicit sexual activity.
000, 000
Since the firm was founded 80 years ago, equal justice for all has been our guiding principle,” says Arenz. “We handle every case — pro bono or not, rich or poor — the same way. Access to justice should be available to everyone. And Paniya deserved justice.”
After a week-long jury trial, where Vang recounted her painful and grueling trauma on the stand through an interpreter for several hours, and was cross-examined for two hours, a jury awarded Vang $950,000 in damages. “Her character was attacked; she was called a liar, told she wanted the relationship,” Arenz says. “The defense pulled from the playbook on how to attack a victim of sexual assault.” Ultimately, the jury believed Vang’s story. “Emotion knows no language,” Arenz says. “Anyone who heard her talk understood how much
Under Masha’s Law, the minimum amount a plaintiff can be awarded if a violation is found is $150,000. Paniya’s jury awarded her $950,000. Her words had come through loud and clear.

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