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 Given Dow’s confession, David and Cinda, repre- sented by Mark Fiddler of Fiddler Osband, LLC, filed a petition to adopt Chloe. To their shock and horror, Dow filed a competing claim from jail, to have his own parental rights to Chloe recognized (he had not established any legal rights before that). That is when Fiddler reached out to Robins Kaplan at- torneys for assistance with the case. “Mark Fiddler came to us with this extraordinary case,” says Peter Surdo, lead Robins Kaplan counsel, “because he knew of our dedication to pro bono work and fight- ing for justice, no matter the stakes.”
Addie’s disappearance had already attracted widespread attention. The subsequent custody dispute was expected to be similarly high profile. “Our firm is well-equipped to handle a case like this,” Surdo says. “We have the resources, the experience and, most importantly, the dedication.”
The Robins Kaplan team waited for Dow to plead guilty to the criminal charges, which required him to admit to the facts supporting the charges. They used that testimony as a basis to file a petition seeking the termination of Dow’s rights as a father.

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