Disputes involving trade secret and other confidential information require decisive action from an experienced team. At Robins Kaplan LLP, our record of successes representing plaintiffs and defendants in complex, high-exposure cases includes claims related to licensing, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, employee defections, and industrial espionage. Our experience includes a detailed understanding of the often-nuanced differences between each state’s existing trade secret laws and the specific case strategies those differences require. We have litigated claims in state and federal courts across the country as well as in domestic and international alternative dispute forums. No matter the locale or venue, our trade secret attorneys know what it takes to protect clients’ proprietary information and processes through all stages of litigation, including rapid-response or accelerated timeline efforts like temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.

We also help clients of all sizes build comprehensive protection plans and preempt and defend against allegations of trade secret misappropriation. We recognize the heightened importance of protecting the secrecy of innovation and the critical role effective trade secret representation plays in our clients’ continued success.