Prior Art Research

The Science Advisors at Robins Kaplan LLP are a group of in-house scientists with advanced degrees in science and engineering.  With their assistance, your legal team increases its understanding about your technology. One of the services provided by Science Advisors is prior art searching.

The Science Advisors use a variety of scientific research databases in their prior art research.  The Science Advisors are skilled researchers in advanced patent and scientific databases. These databases provide access to many references that are not available on the web, and cover a broad range of English and non-English sources.  The Science Advisors also use deep web search tools. The Science Advisors attend trainings regularly to keep current on research techniques and new developments in their field.

Prior art research is customized to the specific needs of each client and each legal team. Using these tools in conjunction with their technical expertise and knowledge of the facts in your case, the Science Advisors are uniquely qualified to help your legal team find and evaluate prior art. 

Robins Kaplan LLP has developed strong relationships and beneficial pricing arrangements to these databases for our clients.  Therefore, our clients will receive a discounted rate for research conducted in these databases.  For conducting prior art research, our clients will be charged the cost of the database searches and the Science Advisors' billable hourly rate. The Science Advisors can also work with outside search firms, if the legal team determines that will be more cost effective for the client. Copies of prior art can be obtained through a broad network of libraries and other sources.

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