Multiple sales platforms and the rapidly changing consumer culture demand experience and agility from counsel committed to serving the retail industry. At Robins Kaplan LLP, we help our retail clients with the risks they face. Our attorneys understand the competitive and regulatory issues that drive disputes from within the industry and create litigation exposure from those outside it. Our experience includes successes in every sector of retail, and every type of merchant: international and national chains, brick-and-mortar regionals, as well as customer-facing online stores and backend e-commerce operators. Our real estate work in these areas also extends to property developers and investors. We address legal concerns related to merchandising, marketing, store operations, real estate, human resources, and the new and expanding set of industry-specific technology imperatives.

Our representations of retail-related businesses—both in and out of the courtroom—align our clients’ objectives and bottom-line realities. As trial attorneys, our experience litigating for plaintiffs and defendants in courts across the country commands respect from the other side. It also enables us to craft creative case and fee strategies. As a result, we have become the retail litigation counsel of choice to some of the most exciting and best-known drivers of the American and global retail economy.