Businesses across all industries face new threats every day in the ever-growing fields of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and cloud computing. Without proper privacy and cybersecurity planning, execution, and monitoring, these threats can lead to irreparable damage to businesses.

At Robins Kaplan LLP, our goal is to eliminate issues threatening data privacy and cybersecurity before they arise. We put our real-world experiences with privacy, cybersecurity, cyber incident planning and response, and associated litigation to work in helping our clients assess potential risks, develop policies and procedures to mitigate and respond to potential risks, and conduct insurance assessments to ensure our clients are properly offsetting cyber risks. Using everything from table-top exercises to full simulations in our trial practice center, we prepare our clients to handle cyber crises in a holistic and achievable manner. In the event our clients fall victim to a cyber-attack, we stand ready to coach clients through the incident and are there to represent them in the aftermath of required notices and reporting.

Our experienced attorneys defend against claims and investigations arising out of cybersecurity and privacy incidents. We also assert claims on behalf of clients who suffered injuries caused by a privacy or data breach. Moreover, we have multiple in-house resources—including computer specialists, financial advisors, economic consultants, and Ph.D. scientists—who facilitate the cost-effective analysis, communication, and litigation of the laws and computer systems that drive disputes over data and privacy.

Clients closely work with our skilled, trial-ready team to address any cyber privacy concern that arises, including, incident-response readiness, TCPA, FDCPA, CAN-SPAM, HIPAA, CASL, or any other legislative or regulatory system involving data and privacy. With us, clients gain a partner with deep experience, a broad range of resources, and a wealth of knowledge that keeps current on and anticipates the evolving array of local, national, and international rules that control information privacy law and cybersecurity law.