The trial-like proceeding before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) demand representation from attorneys who know both the courtroom and the USPTO. At Robins Kaplan, the attorneys in our Patent Office Trials Group are already adept at the techniques and strategies needed to succeed in PTAB litigation—especially when those proceeding are double-tracked with co-pending patent infringement litigation.  Seasoned intellectual property litigators, we have dozens of attorneys and Ph.D scientists admitted to practice before the USPTO. Our depth of experience and wide-ranging technical backgrounds means we know the patent system and technology as well as the courtroom.

This hybrid perspective gives us the technical mastery and persuasive power PTAB trials demand. It also informs our skillful coordination of PTAB proceedings with key district court litigation issues like Markman hearings, expert selection and trial strategies. Our complete menu of PTAB and patent litigation services means that, whether our client is a patent owner or petitioner, they can turn to us for an end-to end solution that helps make PTAB proceedings work with overall litigation goals.