Trial Support

Our Trial Support Group is a key resource for our firm's trial attorneys and practice groups. The group is experienced with the latest and most sophisticated courtroom technology available and provides courtroom installations and training with this technology.   In addition, they coordinate jury focus groups.

The group trains our attorneys on the use of courtroom technology so that they can use the technology themselves during trials to show exhibits, play deposition video, and display demonstratives. They are able to showcase their evidence presentation with ease from the podium, with the capability of having the questions and evidence selection come from the same source - the lawyer - not a consultant.

Our Trial Support Group coordinates with our Graphics and Animation Department to provide design and creative expertise to a case. Our designers work with attorneys and expert witnesses to assist them in conveying their concepts visually in a variety of ways by creating still and animated demonstrative exhibits. This helps judges and juries understand key concepts, components and processes that deal with topics ranging from medical and mechanical to theoretical. We have complete 3D modeling, animation and video capabilities to take a project from concept to finished product. We are capable of building models that vary in detail from basic visualizations to blueprint accurate. We can also re-create accidents, component failures and provide visual support for expert and eyewitness testimonies. Projects designed by our designers include: audio and video forensics, 3D animation and modeling, complex DVD authoring, video production, accident reconstructions, charts, digital presentations, diagrams, graphs, illustrations, call outs, and timelines.

Our Trial Support Group recognizes that trial presentation technology and advancing multimedia technologies are critical tools that enhance trial presentations. Technology allows our lawyers to show their story, not just tell it.  Retention and comprehension increase with the use of technology, especially when utilized in a streamlined approach. 

Shelley R. Gilliss, Ph.D.

Chief Business Intelligence Officer

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