At Robins Kaplan LLP, our government and internal investigations team is led by two former Presidentially-appointed United States Attorneys and staffed by former Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission prosecutors and by partners with deep experience conducting complex, highly sensitive internal investigations on behalf of individuals, companies, corporate boards, and special committees. Our team handles internal investigations that often begin in “crisis management” mode, can become the subject of intense public scrutiny, and can involve a variety of areas, such as regulatory compliance, employment issues, fraud, corporate governance, and criminal misconduct. Our partners who served as U.S. Attorneys have extensive experience in the grand jury process. Our government and internal investigations team boasts multiple lawyers who have tried in excess of 30 criminal trials. We represent our clients in state and federal agency and administrative investigations and proceedings, in state and federal criminal investigations, and in private litigation closely related to the original criminal investigation. We strive to help our clients navigate the complexities of their situation, whether that be through behind-the-scenes efforts or courtroom advocacy.

Our clients’ successes reflect our extensive government and internal investigation experience and the in-depth, innovative strategic approach we bring to our investigations and post-investigation remediation. It’s an approach designed to empower our clients to make their best possible business decisions by providing detailed analyses of all ramifications of the crisis at hand, including the possibility of future criminal and civil investigations, the potential criminal and civil penalties, and the investigation’s present and future impact on our client’s financial well-being and public image. We also understand that even the most difficult investigations often yield information that clients want to use to strengthen their business and avoid similar situations in the future. For that we turn to our corporate compliance team, led by a former Fortune 500 Chief Ethics Officer, to work with clients on post-investigation remediation and legal risk assessment.