Representing Plant and Property Owners

Fire and explosion events can be devastating for plant and property owners. In addition to potential loss of life and personal injuries, these events can severely damage or destroy a facility, resulting in significant downtime and, in some cases, permanent closure. They can also result in unexpected emissions, chemical releases, and violations of environmental and other permits. These events require an all-hands-on-deck response that includes experienced counsel who are prepared to travel anywhere, anytime.

Robins Kaplan understands the immediate and catastrophic nature of fire and explosion events. Our lawyers appreciate the pressures that plant and property owners face because we have helped clients navigate them before. From day one, we help our clients secure the site and preserve evidence, interface with regulatory agencies, and investigate the cause and origin of the event. We manage the investigation and any related litigation so that our clients can focus on their employees, their community, and their business.

Past representation of plant owners includes defending litigation involving substantial alleged personal injury and wrongful death claims. We have also identified, pursued, and obtained third-party recoveries for our clients’ property damage and other losses.

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