New realities create complex challenges that defy the boundaries of traditional legal practice. At Robins Kaplan LLP, we have a long history of identifying arising business problems and implementing litigation—and litigation avoidance—strategies to address them. We help our clients anticipate and define emerging risks by scouring the business and legal landscapes to illuminate the potential issues they may face. Then, leveraging our established, multi-disciplined practice, we partner with clients to define new methods and processes and execute solutions that address ever-changing business paradigms.

Always at the ready when change occurs, our forward focus includes our own practice. First to use in-house science advisors and efficient team-based case staffing methods, our client service innovations include significant technology investments in OneBudget® software—our unique Legal Project Management tool--as well as our in-house Ediscovery resources and services. In addition, we have developed multiple alternative fee arrangements to offer clients choice and demonstrable evidence of the level of our commitment.

Currently, our disciplines practices include: