Financial and Economic Consultants

Our Financial and Economic Consultants assist your legal team in addressing the myriad of financial, accounting and economic issues that arise in complex litigation. Robins Kaplan LLP offers the value and advantages of in-house financial, accounting and economic professionals to more effectively and efficiently serve you - our clients. The group is comprised of CPAs, MBAs and economists who provide a wide range of quantitative assessments and analyses which arise in many phases of litigation.

What Do We Do

Very simply - we make numbers talk! We assist the attorneys to fully understand and formulate appropriate strategies to deal with the financial, accounting and economic issues of your case. 

The Financial and Economic Consultants provide quantitative assessments and analyses in all phases of complex litigation including:

  • Analysis of pre-suit economic losses and potential damages;
  • Assistance with document requests from adverse parties;
  • Review and interpretation of financial documents, accounting records and other economic discovery;
  • Analysis of capital markets and securities information;
  • Assistance in drafting technical and factual financial content of various motions;
  • Assistance in developing interrogatory responses and lines of examination for depositions;
  • Critique damage expert reports and supporting experts; and
  • Calculation of ranges of damages for mediation/settlement.

Why In-house Consultants

Robins Kaplan LLP recognizes that maintaining a group of in-house financial, accounting and economic consultants provides our attorneys the ability to quickly tap the knowledge of a team of experienced individuals. Our firm regularly involves the Financial and Economic Consultants early in the litigation process when the strategic foundation of cases is developed. This enhances our litigation services and provides an effective cost strategy to better prepare and understand the financial, accounting and economic issues of your case.

Which Practice Areas

The Financial and Economic Consultants provide assistance in many practice areas.  For example, some select areas include:

Shelley R. Gilliss, Ph.D.

Chief Business Intelligence Officer

Richard R. Zabel, C.P.A.

Senior Forensic Accountant

Ashley Emershaw

Economic Research Analyst

Audra M. O'Rourke

Antitrust Research Analyst

Congnan Zhan, Ph.D.

Economic Consultant, Competition Economics


April 7, 2008
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