The bankruptcy sale process can be time-consuming and cumbersome. We help our clients understand never to underestimate the advantages to the buyer and the value to the seller to be free and clear. At Robins Kaplan LLP, our acquisition and sales attorneys provide collaborative, industry-focused counsel to assist equity and/or debt investors in acquiring distressed assets inside or outside of a formal bankruptcy process. Through our daily monitoring of all aspects of the distressed corporate and insolvency communities, we stay on top of distressed assets and situations that may be in play. Our acquisition and sales lawyers often work closely with a client’s mergers and acquisition professionals, including appropriate outside financial, tax and legal counsel. When it comes to large, complex acquisitions, we believe working collaboratively with independent, specialized experts is a winning combination that helps our clients maximize the value of their transactions. We have handled billions of dollars of acquisition and sale transactions in the restructuring and business bankruptcy area.

Our experience with respect to distressed corporate situations, commercial financing arrangements, secured transactions and the corporate bankruptcy process forms an integral part of our clients’ strategic acquisition planning. We assist in:

  • Identifying aspects of an acquisition target’s current debt and equity structure that may create opportunities for leverage or cost-savings
  • Structuring an acquisition plan that may incorporate foreclosure, a formal bankruptcy or a work-out process
  • Reviewing existing and proposed financing agreements, operating agreements, and other corporate documents to ensure that our client’s strategic acquisition plan is sound before it is implemented