Secured $1.25 Million Settlement for Medical Mistakes During Brain Surgery

Obtained a $1.25 million settlement for a 69-year-old Minnesota woman who experienced a severe massive intracranial hemorrhage on the left side of her brain.  Once the hemorrhage was identified the defendant neurosurgeon failed to remove most of it because he operated on the wrong side of the brain.  Defendant doctor denied any wrongdoing.

The client experienced bilateral ataxia (lack of voluntary coordination of muscle movement), bilateral dysmetria (lack of coordination and inability to gauge distance leading to "overshooting" and "undershooting" the intended position), balance and walking difficulties, and partial dysarthria (difficulty articulating words) because the defendant doctor failed to remove the hemorrhage timely and injured healthy brain tissue when the doctor was operating on the wrong side of the brain.

Defendant doctor argued that our clients’ deficits would have been the same because the severe hemorrhage caused our clients deficits, and they were not caused by the doctor.

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Brandon E. Vaughn


Chair, Black Firm Member Resource Group

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