Ricoh Corp. v. Pitney Bowes Inc.

Defended Pitney Bowes in a patent infringement involving communications and control within Pitney Bowes' mailing machines.  The case was tried in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, Trenton Division, with Judge Brown presiding.  The jury returned a verdict of invalidity in favor of Pitney Bowes finding anticipation of all 18 asserted claims.  In addition, during trial, the Court entered summary judgment of anticipation of four additional claims.  Jury decision was affirmed in a post-trial memorandum by the district court and summarily affirmed by the Federal Circuit.
Past results are reported to provide the reader with an indication of the type of litigation we practice. They do not and should not be construed to create an expectation of result in any other case, as all cases are dependent upon their own unique fact situation and applicable law.

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