Secured More than $80 Million in Settlements on Behalf of Indirect Purchasers of Capacitors

In re: Capacitors Antitrust Litigation, 14-cv-03264 (N.D. Cal.)

Robins Kaplan serves on the executive committee in this case filed on behalf of a proposed class of indirect purchasers. Plaintiffs allege that defendants, the leading manufacturers of capacitors sold in the U.S., engaged in two large, separate conspiracies to unlawfully inflate, fix, maintain, or artificially stabilize the prices of electrolytic and film capacitors. Plaintiffs allege that defendants formed two cartels, an electrolytic capacitor cartel and a film capacitor cartel, through which they engaged in group and bilateral discussions that furthered their price-fixing conspiracy. As a result of the conspiracy, plaintiffs allege that they were forced to pay supracompetitive prices for both types of capacitors. To date, settlements totaling $80.5 million have been reached.

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