Secured Dismissal of Federal and State Law Claims on Behalf of Insurance Company in Litigation Alleging Conspiracy to Inflate Prices for Workers Compensation Policies

Bristol Hotel Management Corp., et al. v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Company, et al., 97-cv-02240 (S.D. Fla.)

Robins Kaplan represented an insurance company in a class action suit alleging a conspiracy to charge illegally high prices for workers’ compensation policies in Florida. The court granted the defendants’ motions to dismiss as to the federal claims under the McCarran-Ferguson Act and similarly dismissed plaintiffs’ state law claims.  

Past results are reported to provide the reader with an indication of the type of litigation we practice. They do not and should not be construed to create an expectation of result in any other case, as all cases are dependent upon their own unique fact situation and applicable law.

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